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This past summer my travel dreams FINALLY came true! For almost 3 years now I had been dying to go to Banff in Alberta, Canada! What had initially caught my attention was the famous Moraine Lake and its astonishing turquoise water.

I had placed Moraine Lake at the top of my bucketlist as the #1 travel destination. However, I couldn't figure out how I was ever going to make a trip out there, especially not anytime soon. Thankfully a group of us were already traveling from the east coast to Oregon for a close friend's wedding. One of the friends going to the wedding just happened to be from Canmore, which is only an hour away from Banff!!

So we rallied up a group of 5 of us that were all dying to go - my brother Jesse, my cousin Tommy, his wife Emily and our Canadian friend Zac!

Now this is where we completely lucked out and feel overwhelmingly blessed... Zac's dad actually decided to drive down to Oregon and pick us all up in their RV! So the only airfare costs we had associated with Canada was our return ticket home - which of course we would've spent if we had just stayed in Oregon!

All that to say, here is a short video compilation of our entire trip. Though this will never capture the true perfection we experienced in Alberta, I know you'll at least understand why Alberta needs to be a high travel priority on your list!  🇨🇦  


So though my initial desires were to simply visit Canada for Moraine Lake, little did I know that Moraine was only one of the many gorgeous spots Alberta has to offer. There simply wasn't enough time to accomplish all of the places on our Banff bucketlist. All I can say is that Alberta, Canada is truly BREATHTAKING!!! I already can't wait to visit again! 🇨🇦  

Here are the places we visited while there. More details on each location can be found in my other blog posts (sorry, some are still in the making). Just click the picture to find out more about that specific location! 

Lake Louise

Plaine of Six Glaciers

Moraine Lake

Johnston Canyon

Banff Gondola, Alberta

Spray Lakes, Alberta

Castle Mountain, Alberta

Ha Ling Peak, Alberta

Stanley Glacier, British Columbia

Canmore Grassi Lakes Trail 



the world is watching

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***Special thanks to the Lamothe family for being incredible hosts. Check out their ministry here!***

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  • Such an incredible trip! Loved the way you captured it all! Can’t wait to visit here myself…thanks for giving me the overwhelming desire to go to all these wonderful places!

    • Kayley Argenbright